Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Level of Journal Name of the Journal Title of the Paper
1 Dr. A. B. Chindurwar Book H.S.C.Board Textbook 2010 Biology- II
2 Dr. B.S. Munde National Level (2009-10) Bionano. Frontier Vol. 3 Issue- 1 Jan-June, 2010 “ Discrimination between Normal and Cancerous Breast Tissues using Synchronous Luminescence Spectroscopy ”
National Level (2009-10) Bionano. Frontier Special Issue on ISLAM-2010 March-2010 1) Study of Nutrient Deficiency and Pigment Analysis using Absorption Syanchronous Luminescence Spectroscopy
2) Comparative Study of Bulk and Nano Laf3: Eu Synthesized by Co-precipation Method
3 Dr. T.V. Munde University Level (2007-08) Research Journal of SRTMU, Nanded Vol. I Dec.2007 Watershed Development Need for Proper Monitoring
Regional Level ‘Arthbodha’ Vol. XIII Feb. 2008 Marathawada Arthashashtra Parishad Silver Jubilee Review
4 Dr. S.B.Raut National Level NAVNIKHASH Vol.12 June 2008 Media Aur Hindi Vidyaprakashan 2008 Girijakumar Mathur Ke Kavya Me Vidnyanbodh Media DoorDarshan
5 K.G. Huge International Level Tetrahedron Letters Vol. 49 (2008) IP-106-109 Boric Acid : An efficient and environmentally benign catalyst for transesterification of ethyl acetoacetate. Boric Acid : An efficient and environmentally benign catalyst for transesterification of ethyl acetoacetate.
National Level Journal of Indian Chemical Society Vol. 84, Nov. 2007 pp-1174-1175 Synthesis and bidogical activity of 4- thiazolidones
6 Dr. B. S. Gite University Level Research Journal of SRTMU Nanded Vol. I- Dec.2007 “Mahila Bachatgatachi Aarthik Vikasatil Bhumika.”
7 S.K. Shinde National Level Research Journal of Vishwabharati. Vol. I June 2010 “Theme of alienation in Jhumpalahiri’s The Name Sake”
8 D. B. Ravande National Level Triveni Vol.76 No.4 Oct.-Dec. 2007 PP-53-54 “A Critique of Urban Hypocrisy”
National Level The Literary criterion Vol. XL III No. 2 April- June 2008 pp 56-60 “Manjula Padmanabhama’s Lights out : A Study of Transcendence in Bharati Sarabhai’s The Well of the People ”
National Level Triveni Vol. 77 No. 4 Oct –Dec 2008 pp-43-45 “Mahashveta Devi’s Aajir: A vioce of the Voiceless ”
National Level Labyrinth Vol. 1 No. 2 Sep. 2010 pp-120-124 “Dina Mehta’s Brides Are Not for Burning : Ravaging the wall of Deception ”
International Level Atlantic Critical Review, New Delhi “No text without Context – Structuralism : An Essence of Literary Study ”
9 Dr. S.R. Khandare Book (2008-09) Publisher: Rajmudra Pvt. Ltd. ISBN-978-81-905009-0-6 “Marathyancha Samajik,Sanskrutik Itihas ”
Book (2009-10) Publisher: Rajmudra Pvt. Ltd. ISBN-978-81-905009-0-8 “Budhha Jatak Bhag – 1 ”
Book (2010) Publisher : Rajmudra Pvt. Ltd. “Maharashtra Suvarna Mahotsavi ”