About KKM College

In the Marathwada, Parbhani District in particular, is one of the backward districts in economic, cultural and educational spheres of life since the pre independence area. Farming is the means of the livelihood in their children in cities due to their financial crisis. On account of this background it was a sine qua non to establish an institution to meet the educational and cultural needs of the common people. By taking into consideration all this matter, under the chairmanship of the late Hon. S.G. Nakhate ( Ex-State Minister for transport), the traders, farmers, and educationally cautious people came together to establish the Pathri Taluka Shikshan Prasarak Mandal in 1971, which runs the Katruwar Arts, Ratanlal Kabra Science & B.R. Mantri Commerce College since 1972. It was really a difficult task to establish an educational institute in the backward town like Manwath. The aim behind establishing an educational institution was the extension and diffusion of education. It was inspired by stern resolution and pious thought. After the vicious forces had also entered in to the sphere of education. But the Pathri Taluka Shikshan Prasarak Mandal has deliberately kept itself away from these evil forces. The executive council of the Mandal having the cherished ideals of liberalism and progressive attitude is able to overcome these various forces.
The Manwath and Pathri area under the Nizam regime was not only educationally but also economically backward one. Financial backwardness and continual struggle for existence are the permanent characteristics of the poor farmer of this area. A son of a common man could not afford to go for higher education to the town. In this situation this institution came into being under the incentive by then MLA shri S.G. Nakhate, Shri. Kanchanrao Katruwar, Shri. Anandramji Mantri and Shri. Ratanlalji Kabra, who provided financial support which resulted in the establishment of this institution. Besides these most generous people the business community, agriculturists and the educationally interested gentry extended their financial help to this pious cause. The share of municipal council Manwath, Market Committee, Manwath, was also equally important.
Education facility to younger generation was given from June 1972 P.T.S.P.M. aims at no youth be deprived of education only because of financially weaker conditions.
From June 1972 to August 1979, the college was accommodated at the old Lahoti Estate building which was having an old sick oil mill. With some adjustment in the old oil mill the college started functioning. Initially the P.U.C. and first year degree classes started in the faculty of arts, Commerce & Science, in the natural growth further classes were extended subsequently. In the beginning, the college had the total strength of 76 students.
With this infrastructure and the available student strength College grew up to the full fledged degree course in Arts, Science & Commerce, in addition to this also running the B.C.A. degree course.
Pathari Taluka Shikshan Prasarak Mandal also expanded steadily having full fledged Two Junior Colleges, Two High Schools and One HSC Vocational Unit.