The motto or watch world of national service scheme “NOT ME BUT YOU” that is selfless service to the society from college going student. The overall objectives of NSS is service to the community offered while undergoing education. Further it is also stated that it is the development of personality of students through community service this objective is achieved by enabling the student to:

  • Understand the community in which the work.
  • The identify the needs and problems in the community.
  • Develop a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • Apply the education in finding the practical solutions for individual and community problems.

Aptly speaking it is the opportunity to work with the people selflessly and upgrade the personality and experience through community service.

The NSS college unit has been working since the academic year 1975-76 Shri. D.M. Mohite was the first programmer officer

  • KKM College NSS unit is the best unit in Parbhani district appreciated by the SRTMU Nanded
  • Organized NSS University Level Girls Camp from 16.10.2007 to 1810.2007. 120 NSS volunteers participated.
  • Organized District level NSS Youth Camp from 08.10.2009 to 12.10.2009.
  • Along with the NSS regular activities, NSS special camps on various themes were organized at the following places i.e. Kekealjawala, Vita, Manwat, Manoli, Hattalwadi, Dengali Pimpalgaon, Ukkalgaon, Kherda, Rudhi, Kharba, Gavan, Nagarjawala, Khedula, Zari, Renakhali, Kolhawadi, Pohandul, Rampuri, Bandarwada, Irlad, Mandewadgaon, Ratnapur, Devnandra, Borgavan, Kolha, Gunj and Savali.
  • Four villages achieved ‘Nirmal Gram Puraskar’. They are Kolhawadi, Hattalwadi, Mandewadgaon & Savali.
  • Organized Governments special Swachata camp at Sawali from 23 Sept. to 2 Oct. 2008.
  • Dr. N.N. Kale, NSS PO awarded Best NSS programmer officer award in 2007-08.
  • College has two NSS units. The No. of NSS volunteers sanctioned by SRTMU Nanded is 175.
  • Till today following faculties have worked as NSS programme officer. They are Shri. D.M. Mohite, Dr. O.B. Samdani, Shri. A.S. Nalawade, Shri. N.G. Pandit, Shri. V. K. Kavade, Dr. D.P. Garud, Shri. K.M. Wattamwar, Dr. A.A. Kakade, Dr. Mohammad Isaq Shri. R.P. Barhate, Shri. K.B. Patole, Dr. B.S. Munde, Dr. M.B. Putwad, Shri. K.G. Huge, Smt. S.J. Kukade, Dr. S.B. Raut & Dr. N.N. Kale