Sr.No. Name of The Teacher Authorities /Body / Examination and other Positions
1 Dr. A.B. Chindurwar (Principal)
  • B.O.S. Chairman in Zoology
  • Member of Faculty of Science
  • Member of Grievance Cell
  • Member of R.R.C.
  • Member of BUTR
  • Member of 32 (5) & 32 (6)
  • Member of Examination Reform Committee
  • Member for Performance indicators of College & University
  • Member of Enquiry Committee
  • Member of Affiliation Committee
  • Member of Revision of Ph.D. & Research Centre Rule.
  • Member of Selection Committee of Sr. Scale, Selection Grade, Asst. Professor & Principals.
  • Worked as V.C. Nominee
  • Worked as a Chairman,Paper setter, Moderator, Examiner
  • At UG & PG level at S.R.T.M.U. Nanded and at Sant Gadge Baba Amaravati University Amravati.
  • Worked on a Co-ordanitor NAAC at K.K.M. College, Manwath .
2 Dr. N.N. Kale
  • Member of Selection Committee for Asst. Professors.
  • Worked as a Team Manager for PRD parade Camp (26.01.10)
  • Member of Editional Board of “Shramteerth”
  • A Biannual University Journal-
    • Worked as a Team Manager for State level “Urja Dindi”
    • Worked as a Chairman, Paper Setter, Moderator, Examiner.
  • Delievered Talk on AIR Braodcasting.
  • Life Member of Indian Science Congress, Kolkatta.
3 Dr. B.S. Munde
  • Member of Affiliation Committee.
  • Member of LMC K.K.M.College, Manwath.
  • Worked as a Examiner for M.Phil Desertation at S.G.B.
  • Papersetter, Moderator & Examiner Amravati University, Amravati.
  • Life member of Indian laser Association Indore.
  • Life Member of Physical Society of India, Amravati.
  • Worked as C.S. & J.C.S.
  • Member of I.Q.A.C. K.K.M. College, Manwath.
4 K.B. Patole
  • Worked as a J.C.S. & A.C.S., C.S.
  • Worked as a Moderator & Examiner
5 Dr. T.V. Munde
  • Worked as a V.C. Nominee of lecturer selection committee
  • Worked as a Chairman, Papersetter, Moderator & Examiner at U.G. & P.G. level at S.R.T.M.U. Nanded, Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad and at S.G.B. Amravati University Amravati
  • Worked as a Secretary & Treasure of Marathwada Arthashtra Parishad during April 2007-March 2010 & April 2010 to March 2013.
  • Worked as a Member of S.R.T.M.U. & MFUCTO from 2009.
  • Life member of Marathi Arthashtra Parishad.
  • Life member of Marathwada Arthashtra Parishad.
  • Recognised PG Teacher in Economics since 1999.
  • Research Guide in Economics (M.Phil & Ph.D.)
  • Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis.
6 Smt. S.J. Kukade Worked as a Moderator & Examiner
7 Dr. S.B. Raut
  • Worked as a Moderator & Examiner.
  • Member of LML, K.K.M. College, Manwath.
  • Co-ordinator of IQAC, K.K.M. College, Manwath.
8 Dr. B.S. Gite
  • Worked as a V.C. Nominee & Subject Expert.
  • Member of IQAC, K.K.M College, Manwath.
  • Worked as a Paper Setter, Moderator & Examiner.
  • Life Member of Marathwada Arthashatra Parishad.
  • Life Member of Vidharbha Swimming Association, DCPE, Amravati.
9 K.G. Huge
  • Member of Senate, SRTMU, Nanded.
  • Member of Affiliation Committee.
  • Worked as a Papersetter Moderator & Examiner.
  • Worked as ACS.
  • Member of IQAC, K.K.M. College, Manwath.
  • Member of Afiliation Committee.
10 S.K. Shinde
  • Worked as a Paper Setter, Moderator & Examiner.
  • Member of Afiliation Committee.
  • Sessional Member of Indian Science Congress Association Kolkatta.
  • Life Member of All India English Teacher Association
  • Organizing Screen of National level UGC sponsored Seminar.
11 Dr. K.S. Kadam
  • Worked as JCS, Examiner.
  • Member of LMC K.K.M. College, Manwath.
12 S.R.Rathi
  • Worked as Examiner & ACS .
  • Life Member of Marathwada Arthashtra Parishad.
13 V.P. Jadhav
  • Sessional Member of Indian Science Congress Association Kolkatta.
14 V.P. Jadhav
  • महाराष्ट्र राज्य लोकसाहित्य पूनर्रचना समिती सदस्य
  • LML member of Late Digamberrao Bindu College, Bhokar
  • Working as a Research Guide at S.R.T.M.U. Nanded & Y.C.M.O.U. Nashik (Ph.D. & M.Phil )
15 D.B. Ravande
  • Worked as a Examiner & Moderator.
  • Joint Secretary of National Level UGC sponsored Seminar at K.K.M. College, Nanded.
16 P.P. Patil
  • Member of Maharashtra Kho-Kho Association
  • Technical Committee.
  • University Kho-Kho Coach.